Among the 4 Priestly Ordinations for the Regional’ Vicariate West Bengal, North East India, in 2018 the first Priestly Ordination took place at Mohana in the Diocese of Behrampur in Odisha on 24th January by 11.15 am. Bishop Sharat Chandra Naik Ordained our confrere along with another Ordinando of the Diocese. Since there was public strike in Odisha, many priests, religious and faithful could not reach the place. We 7 friars of the Mission drove from Burdwan (14 hrs) in West Bengal arrived by 10 pm on 23rd night at Bishop’s house near Chatrapur and started along with him by 5.10 am on 24th and reached Mohan before 7.30am. Our OCD fathers of Chatrapur were blocked in the srike and could not come for Ordination. Holy Mass was solemn with dances and singing. Then followed a small public meeting. All ended up by 3.30 pm for lunch. We proceed to Fr. Chandrasekhar’s village where people received us with singing and dancing. After taking part in their joy, 6 of us started our journey back to Kolkata. His First Mass tooke place in his village on 26th January 2018.

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