South Kerala Province of St. Joseph’s OCD is at the service of humanity. We are united with the flood victims of Kerala with our social activities and prayer services. Under the leadership of Rev. Fr. Jaison Kaimathuruthil OCD (Provincial) different communities of our province were at the service of the people who were suffering from the unpredicted flood. On August 16 Morning the Ayroor Community received the information of flood in Thelathuruthu and about the people who were gathered in the Thelathuruthu Church. The Carmelite Fathers of Ayroor reached breakfast in the morning to the camp on the first day. They also supplied food (three sacks of rice, vegetables, clothes (bed sheets) and cleaning materials to this camp. Our Ayroor monastery was also opened as the shelter for the suffering people. They accommodated in the ashram nine families which include children and aged.

Here is the testimony of the Superior of Ayr oor Ashram

Thanks be to God !

The Flood of the 2018 August.

         The Flood is over ! We were safe and sound under the mantle of our Mother of Carmel together with the neighbouring nine families consist of 56 members. Thanks to all and each one of you who supported us through your powerful prayers !.

             On 14 th August the water began to increase in the river. On 15 th of August in the morning the road at the left and right side of the Ashram started to cover with water. In the afternoon it started to flow through the cowshed and which passed through the main gate. In the evening by 6 pm the water began to enter the ground floor. Meanwhile the nine families near to our Ashram consisting of 56 members came and asked for shelter. We accommodated them joyfully at the two class rooms of the first floor.

          On 16 th August in the morning we could see that water reached 3.5 feet high at the ground floor. And the same time we could also realise that the depth of flowing water at the left and right side of our Ashram was 6 to 7 feet high.

          This situation continued in the next day also. August 18 th was the day of hope because the water started to go down. The next day also it continued. On 20 th the water was completely returned from our compound and also the Eight families returned to their homes and the remaining one was with us until 23 rd because their home was not safe for them…….  Fr Benedict Kalapurackal OCD, Juan Jyothi Ashram ,  Ayroor, Aluva , Ernakulam.  (From Whatsapp message)

The Ambalapuzha Ashram reached out to the relief camp for three days with cooked food, vegetables 35-40 Kg, clothes (lungi, nighties, towels, bed sheets) candles (One Box) and match boxes (One Box). The Ambalapuzha ashram was opened as the shelter for the victims where thirty people took shelter in it.

The community of the St. Joseph’s Provincial House and the Mavelikkara community coordinated with other voluntary organizations and the Orthodox Church to bring relief materials from other places. They distributed the relief materials like vegetables (35 Kg) candles (15 Packs) Packed drinking water (5 pack of 12 each) Bread (50), Biscuits (50), Bed sheets (50). The food materials were distributed by the Carmelite fathers for alternative three days in Parumala. The mavelikkara was opened for the people who suffered from the flood.

Here is the testimony of Fr. Tony Muthappan OCD (Superior of Provincial House)

Today six of us namely, Frs.  Stanley, Stephen, Francis Xavier, Tony, Bibin and Laiju went to visit the relief camp at Valiya Perumbuzha on behalf of the skp.  Since the road was heavily flooded we couldn’t reach the destination.  Then we turned towards Chennithala but the condition was the same. Then we went to Parumala, one of the biggest relief camps.  Thousands of people are there in the camp. We really felt sorry for them. This camp is nearby Pandanadu where many casualties are reported today.  When we reached the people were still airlifted by the army. We had collected some food and clothes items for the people and handed them over to the authorities concerned. We too visited a camp in Parumala Latin Catholic church which is looked after by our Frs. Stephen and Francis Xavier at present.  Their condition is really very saddening. Let us keep them all in prayers and help them materially. (From Whatsapp message)

Gravity of damages caused by flood

A helping hand of SKP Province to the victims of flood


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