Our Monastery is of Spanish Origin, dedicated to our Lady of Rosary founded in April 2005 as the fifth Cloistered Carmel in Kerala. While searching for the radical root of its origin our eyes reach out to the very heart of our Holy mother St. Teresa- after founding the first monastery of st.Joseph, Avila- who founded 16 other monasteries in Spain one after another. The Salamanca Carmel is one among them. From Salamanca the Escorial Carmel was founded, from Escorial, Cerro de los Angeles to found the Kottayam Carmel. Thiruvalla Carmel was founded in 1948 in the Vijayapuram Diocese, After two decades, in 1967 from Kottayam Carmel, the Kottiyam Carmel was founded as 3rd Carmel in Kerala, and Eramalloor Carmel is the 4th in Kerala was founded from the Thiruvalla Carmel in 1983.

Times and seasons passed away, when members increased in Kottiyam Carmel, an innate desire for a new Foundation slowly began to grow in the mind of the community and it was preparing indirectly for its sprout. while petting this thought, on a a beautiful dawn, our heavenly Father put this seed of the new foundation in the mind of the Provincial Rev. Fr. Bernadine and his provincial council was positive and sent the Kottiyam Carmel an official letter requesting to found a monastery in the Latin diocese of Trivandrum. This unexpected letter caused a greater surprise to the community that the long cherished seed for a new foundation had to be landed in Trivandrum, the capital city of Kerala, God’s own country.

On 28th March 2005, the birthday of our Holy Mother, eight nuns bid good bye to the mother house. The inauguration and the blessing took place on 1st April 2005 as a homage to our Lady of Rosary was officiated by our Arch Bishop Soosa Pakkiam in the presence of many priests and Religious, many people including our Hindu Brethren.

As our Monastery is in the coastal area. The name of the Monastery is appropriate that for the people our monastery is a real pearl, stands as ray of hope to the suffering and to the down trodden and beacon for the fishermen and those who are searching for the truth. Carmel is a haven of peace for those who would sit and wait at the Lord’s feet.


Holy Rosary Carmel
Swagath Nagar, Venganoor P.O


  1. Sr. Rosario of the Holy face
  2. Sr. Amalia of St. Joseph
  3. Sr. Carmen of the Holy Spirit
  4. Sr. Maria Isabel of the sacred Heart
  5. Sr. Leena of Christ Crucified
  6. Sr. Amala of Jesus
  7. Sr. Christi of Christ the king
  8. Sr. Mary Margaret of Infant Jesus
  9. Sr. Mariadasi of the Infant Jesus
  10. Sr. Tresa of the Holy family
  11. Sr. Maria
  12. Sr. Cicily