Solemn Profession

Solemn Profession

28th November and December 14th 2017 marked another milestone in the history of South Kerala Province by the very solemn profession of our Bro. Ranjith Xess and Bro. Francesco Ranjith. Bro. Ranjith Xess and other six brothers from different countries made their Solemn Profession on December 14 2017 into the hands of Fr. Definitor General Johannes Gorantla OCD at Collegio di San Giovanni Della Croce, Rome, Italy. Bro. Francesco Ranjith made his Solemn Profession into the hands of Vicar Provincial Fr. Xavier Jayaraj OCD on 28th November 2017 at Floscarmeli Ashram, Lukurdi, Burduan.
Bro. Ranjith Xess

Bro. Francesco Ranjith

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